HIROBO GIGAS 550E Now Available!

05/21/2015:  Sirocco Option Parts are now up on the site for Pre-Orders.  We expect our first delivery in approximately 30 days.  Check it out!!


KBDD Carbon Main Blades are now up on the site.  All sizes, colors and spec blades are up.  Tail rotor blades are next!!


OK, today I was doing some research for a friend on a SSR-IV blade grip and was looking at the SSV head.  That grip 0414519 looks like it will replace the 0404812 grip no problem.  BUT, the cool thing was to see the EX with the underslung flybar and then I thought  DAMN, that heli as an EX with FBL would be insane to have.  I started drooling.  Just its presence exhumes cool!!

New Stuff coming soon!!

Lots of Parts are being added to our inventory.  If you don't see what you are looking for, let me know at jeffg@hirobofanusa.com and I will make sure the items you are looking for are added immediately. 02/16/15

Shuttle EP SWM FBL is almost ready to fly.  A very clean and rigid helicopter.  The plastics now being used are tougher than aluminum!  The plastic head does not have much up or down movement like older Shuttles had.  Any other model Shuttle could be converted as well.  That horizontal Tail fin though.  LOL it is too big.  More like a wing.  LOL That will need changing.  More to follow with video and pics. 02/16/15

Shuttle Parts up on Site!!!  02/18/15

TMRF Silent Power Conversions in stock and more coming!

HIROBO 2513-098 Blue hook/loop securing bands in stock.  More HIROBO blue for your HIROBO heli!!  Blue Stuff, always good!!

Shuttle EP FBL Update:  The heli is flying!!!  Super smooth with electric power.  Not a single vibration.  I am using the KBDD EE blades and they are just whisper quiet and pulling.  So far I have just been tooling around the front of the house, but need to get to a field here soon.  I am using the IKON FBL unit with Bluetooth interface.  That is nice.  The app works well on my HTC.    I will post a video here soon of the heli spooling up.  I am thinking that I can change the ramp up speed on the Castle Talon 90 to full as Hirobo retained the clutch.  I sure like how clean the Talon mounted in the heli and nice to have a strong BEC circuit.  Keep 'em spinning!