HIROBO GIGAS 550E Now Available!

HIrobo Shuttle Plus +2 SXX EP SWM FL (FBL) kit # 0305-903 with Motor

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The Hirobo Shuttle has been around since 1985.  Many versions have been release over it's rich 30 year history and many budding rc helicopter enthusiasts have owned and loved a Shuttle in their hobby years.  The iconic design is recognized the world over and has retained its unique look.  Today Hirobo continues the Shuttle tradition with a SWM (CCPM) control system, updated multiuse swashplate with better main shaft clearance in extreme cyclic positions, the Sceadu design tail rotor control system, and a FL (flybarless) rotor head based on many of the same parts used in the flybar head, though not many parts on the FL head.  The grips include thrust bearings as well to handle blade centrifugal forces.

This kit is also electric powered.  The motor is included and is produced by Scorpion motors specifically for the Shuttle application.  The intended battery is a 6S 4000 or higher (5000) might be a tight fit.  The front end of this Shuttle has also been reinforced for the battery placement which partially fits where the fuel tank would be located.

To convert a Shuttle stabilizer rotor head to stabilizer less, here are the parts :




Length:1,075mm Main rotor diameter:1,244mm Tail rotor diameter:225mm Weight:Approx 6.15lb Gear ratio 9.625:1:5.5

Electronics : 7ch 4 servos, 3 axis gyro (Not included) 60A - 80A Brushless Motor ESC(Not included),

6S4000+ Mah LiPo Battery

Special Scorpion Made Brushless Motor for Hirobo Included.